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Currently, almost everything is done online. That’s why the new digitalization era is also a big challenge for traditional businesses that keep away from online. One of those niches is holiday equipment rentals.

Mostly we have to find a place and call or email them if we would like to book a ski, e-bike, or canoe for our holidays. Or go directly when we arrive with the hope there will be something for us.

This process can be pretty frustrating. We often would like to find the best rental near our destination, see the equipment we can get, and select before arrival. Through phone calls, it’s not so easy. That’s why an online solution is required.

The solution is an application that gathers many rental companies that offer skis, e-bikes, and water equipment. Users can download the app and select the type of equipment they want from three simple categories. Then, they can choose by location or other filters like the ski model. They can book the equipment 24/7 using the application. Also, users can pay by card in advance or cash while getting their order.

Users can always ensure that their holiday, weekend, or day trip won’t be destroyed by the lack of equipment they can rent to have a great day!

Rentals can have a clear overview of their equipment, what is booked, and what is free, and they can get paid in advance!

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For Who

With our rental software, we target all types of ski, e-bike, and water equipment rental companies that want to digitalize and make renting equipment easier. Whether this is a large rental company or a smaller one, it must want to grow and hit younger generations by approaching them online.

Suppose the rental provides other services like a ski or e-bike service. In that case, booking it through the application as an additional product should also be possible. It would allow clients to have everything in one place and the company to upsell their services and grow their income.


The biggest challenge in building the rental software is creating a user-friendly interface that would provide a complete overview of rental companies and simplify the process of getting equipment for the user’s free time.

The application should allow us to look through different types of equipment in various categories and find the most suitable model or whole set required for our holiday.

On the other hand, it’s crucial to provide rental companies with an easy-to-use admin panel to add all their equipment with photos and descriptions and follow the bookings easily.

Both parties should be able to use their hardware, mobiles, tablets, and computers. Everything should be easily accessible and straightforward.

E-Bike and Ski Rental Application Filters


Saving the staff time

When you have the bookings for the equipment sorted in the system, you know when somebody will come for the given items.
You can prepare equipment for them.

Serving client who had pre-booked equipment takes less time and prevents long lines in a busy time. Clients are happy, and your employees have less stressful work.

Data insights and tracking

A list of orders gives you a clear overview of who has the assets when they will be back, and how much time they have for service before the next client.

Additionally, the admin dashboard allows to see data about the most common equipment and the busiest time in the season, so they can prepare and become more competitive.


More visibility, gaining new clients

As a rental company, you can be more visible to new clients looking for a rental in their area or the area they are going on holiday. The rental can also be visible if you have some rare equipment that is not easy to find.


You can get an advantage over your competitors by implementing more digital solutions as a rental. Being available in an application online makes it easier to be found by the younger generation and gain new types of customers before they go the competitors.

Simplifying the process

The application makes equipment search and booking easier than the traditional way. Users can access the rental 24 hours per day, no matter when they have a couple of minutes to pick up their skis or e-bike for the weekend.


More satisfied clients

Clients can easily access the rental assets, get precisely what they booked, and avoid spending hours looking for the best equipment when they should already enjoy their holidays.

Building relationships with clients

The dashboard allows rental to check if the user has already used their services.

They can give loyal clients a free day of using the equipment or a small discount to build a better relationship with the client.



The solution we found to digitalize the free-time equipment rental companies market is a mobile marketplace application on one side, with an easy-to-use admin panel on the other.

E-Bike and Ski Rental Application Booking

For Client

Mobile Application

The first part of the application is a free mobile application that clients can download from App Store or Google Play.

The application starts with simple registration, where users set up an account with the basic required data. Next, they can select what type of equipment they would like to see. There are three basic categories: ski/snowboard, e-bikes, and water equipment.

The application doesn’t limit users to filtering only by main category and location. They can also filter through the specific equipment model they want to rent. By selecting the category, users see the map of the available rental in their area or the area they passed in the search field. The booking date is also a critical filter that defines if the equipment can be available for you.

In search results, they will see the rentals which pass their filtering. They can select the rental with the equipment, and they will be redirected to the equipment they want to see. If clients don’t set any specific model, they go to the product listing in the rental.

When a user is happy with the equipment, they simply add it to the basket and can finish their order. Payment can be made by card directly in the app or cash when the client picks up the order.

For Rental Company

Web Rental Dashboard

The second part of the application is a rental dashboard, where the company can fill in its company profile with its name, location, logo, and required data.

From the web dashboard, rental companies can add their equipment as single items with photos, descriptions, and pricing. A dashboard is also where rentals can see their bookings with all the details and payments.

The dashboard also provides some statistics about the equipment rented most often and information about the models that users in the area mostly search for. This is an excellent opportunity for the business to grow and provide the most wanted equipment.

Another statistic that rentals can check in the app is the hottest season in their area, which allow them to prepare some promotions and deals for the clients to encourage them to use their service.

E-Bike and Ski Rental Application Dashboard

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